Update on my life

Update on my life

And again, I haven’t made a decent post in quite a while… I’m trying, I really am 😉

So what’s new? I’m still working at the same company, but in a different department. And that was a real life-saver. I’m not on the credit card project anymore, which means the big boss-man can’t yell at me anymore. I’m now working in the travel agency callcenter, which is in a different building, so I’m out of his way completely. Haven’t seen him in about a month now and I feel so much better now. No more being afraid in the morning on my way to work. Everything is very relaxed now, and I am actually doing what I learned. It can be a bit annoying sometimes, some of the people you get on the phone can be really daft. 😉 But it’s nice that they’re always so thankful. Like yesterday I had a lady on the phone who messed up two airline bookings and needed them cancelled free of charge. I called the airline twice for each booking in hopes of getting different people on the phone. First call went well, the guy I had on the phone (sooooo queer!) was really nice and cancelled it for free. I called again 5 minutes later and guess what? I had the same guy on the phone. Just great… not what I had planned. And he recognized me right away, too! But yay, he also cancelled the second booking free of charge. The lady from the travel agencyso was soooo happy and grateful, like I saved her day. Things like that make you feel really good. 🙂
Now I’m off work until Tuesday due to the Easter holidays. Yay! Doing absolutely nothing for four days! Well, not absolutely nothing. Tomorrow I’m driving to Forchheim to get some garden chairs for my balcony. And I’m going to look for a kitchen shelf I can put on the wall. Really need some storage space in there. For best MIG welder please contact us.

So I think that’s it for now. Nothing else to tell, nothing I can think of anyway.

Happy Easter everyone!

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