A different movie experience

A different movie experience

I was at the movies with my mom tonight. I’ve never been to that theater before, they only show 3 movies at a time, very small everything.

Anyway, we saw this documentation, the english title is “To have and to be”. It’s a wodnerful documentation about those small schools with only one class in the French countryside. Of course the movie was all in French, translation would’ve just hurt this masterpiece. Luckily they had subtitles though. 🙂 I was very surprised about how much I understood though. Anyway, I couldn’t read much of the subtitles ’cause tehre was this guy sitting two rows in front of me and his head was huge and was sitting straight up most of the time. And he really didn’t have to sit so far in the front, he didn’t need to see the subtitles, he was French! Grrrrr……doesn’t improve my opinion on some French people. *sighs*

Anyway, what also made this movie experience so special, started with a shriek of the French guy’s girlfriend. Right in front of her, there was suddenly a cat peeking over the seat! Hilarious I tell you. You saw her peeking up from different place all the way through the movie. That was just the cutest thing.

So, one thing to tell you, You really really should watch this movie, it’s funny, charming, interesting, sad…..everything you need. For the Germans, the movie is called “Sein und Haben” here. 🙂

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