CSD in Berlin

CSD in Berlin

That’s where I was this weekend. And it was awesome!
I drove to Berlin with my friend/colleague Carola. We made a stop at her parent’s place on the way there.
In Berlin we stayed with a gay couple, I booked that through a website for private accommodation for gays and lesbians in big cities. They were really nice and the room too. We lived right in the gay area and only a few steps from the parade.

The weather wasn’t very friendly on the day of the parade. It changed from sunshine to rain and storm back to sunshine. With a little bit of rain and storm in between. 😉
But the parade was awesome nevertheless. We stayed in one spot until almost all wagons had passed and then we started walking along with the parade. My tail bone started hurting like hell when we reached the holocaust memorial, which is why we decided to take a rest and sit there for a while, watching the parade pass by yet again (yes, while walking along we overtook quite a few wagons).
I still remember when I saw the Brandenburg gate from a bus for the first time, when I was shocked that it was so much smaller than I always thought. Now that I was standing right in front of it, the feeling went away, it actually isn’t all that small. On our way to the victory column we did pass people who obviously had too much to drink already. Saw a girl lying on top of someone else in a way it couldn’t have been comfortable. Ouch.
We stayed for a bit during the final rally, listening to what Berlin’s gay mayor had to say and to a bit of the music.
But we were really exhausted so we didn’t stay that long, deciding to come back for the fireworks. In the end we slept through that though, oops. 😀
Had dinner at a little sixties diner, very tasty, I miss having something like that around here. A GOOD burger instead of the usual fast food stuff…
On Sunday morning we drove back home, yet again stopping by at Carola’s parents’ place for a little bbq, which was very nice. I really enjoyed staying with them. 🙂

So, that’s the most important facts of the weekend. We did see Shrek the Third on Friday night, and contrary to what I expected after hearing some rather harsh critics, I really liked it. Though it was weird to hear the new German voice for donkey. I was too used to the old one. RIP Randolf Kronberg, you lent your voice to Eddie Murphy for a long time.

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