FFAF and other stuff

FFAF and other stuff

So first of all, thanks everyone for joining in the Free For All Friday! It was very nice to read all your posts and I was very glad that noone decided to spam my blog. *bows*
Sadly I couldn’t post at other blogs much myself, ’cause I had to work and when I came back home I was too tired to do much. I will try my best next month though, promise. 🙂

I’m very excited and can’t wait until Wednesday, I bought a ticket for the “Van Helsing” preview on Wednesday night. Very much looking forward to seeing Hugh on the big screen again. 😀
Lets just hope I don’t have to work late, ’cause then I will have to go the movie theater straight from work, without being able to go home first. *sighs*

Last week I got the final ok, that I will be able to go to Europa Park, I already blogged about this little trip before. At first I had gotten a rejection because too many people signed up but they wrote that they’d put me on the waiting list, and woooooo, in the end I did get an approval 😎
And my boss signed me up for a trip to France, to Lyon to be exact. It will involve looking at lots of hotels and doing some tours. Will be going there on July 1st, and I hope that leaves me enough time to brush up my French skills, which are almost non-existant by now. 😳

Ok, I think that’s all for now. 😛

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