Mamma Mia I’m going to see Olegg again!

Mamma Mia I’m going to see Olegg again!

So this is actually a combination of two musicals. Mamma Mia! and Elisabeth. I saw Mamma Mia! last night with my mom, for the first time in German. I’ve seen it in NYC last summer, and can say that the shows are identical, same set, even the actors look very similar. Well, at least the German Sam looked a lot like the US Sam. It doesn’t really matter that the songs are in German, even though I know them in English by heart. It always amazes me, that the creators were able to base a whole story on the songs of ABBA, everything fits together perfectly. So yes, it was awesome, and my mom loved it lots, too!
And tonight….will be my last time seeing Olegg on stage as Death. The musical will run out in September, they will start performing The Three Musketeers after that. I just checked Olegg’s website and they confirmed that he will be performing tonight. YAY! And I will be sitting where? First row! Almost exactly in the center! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’m so excited! So it’s not the first time I see it from the first row, but I’m still excited. So close to the sexiness that is Olegg. ^_^ Squeeeeeeeeeee!

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  1. It really amazed me how well the songs flowed and told an entire story. You couldn’t do that with most bands. In fact, ABBA is probably one of the only bands in the world that could be used for this purpose. I really loved the show. I’ve been to a large number of stage shows and it’s definitely one of my top three. Have fun tonight! 🙂

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