Site completely WordPressized

Site completely WordPressized

Or whatever you might want to call it. The whole page is now running through WordPress. Content pages and obviously the blog. I really like the way it’s customized now, ’cause I can access all the stuff from everywhere, so when I’m bored at work I can add some stuff to the site.
Of course this means that I will have to start making more regular updates of the database, wouldn’t want to lose any of this stuff, since it’s been a bit strenuous to make it the way it is now. I obviously have to thank the friendly souls at the WordPress Support Board, and especially Minna for providing me with a Page template!
There’s only two pages that I couldn’t convert to WordPress yet, since there seems to be a problem with the PHP code, not sure. It’s the Questions and Blogroll pages. I have the RunPHP plugin running, but I get error messages when trying to execute these two scripts…. :\

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  1. Ooh, nice! I am in the process of converting my site to WP 1.5, but I couldn’t get the pages to work at all, at least not with permalinks. Is there any chance I could have a glance at your .htaccess file? 😀

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