Ultimate Happiness

Ultimate Happiness

This must be what it feels like!

I just got mail from New York!

I sent my playbill of “Polish Joke” with a letter to Malcolm to the theater two weeks ago, and I got a reply!!

Not only the signed playbill (with dedication), but also a letter from Malcolm!! I can’t believe it! This is wonderful, you see me in tears right now. I know it’s crazy to be this happy about a letter, but omg, this means so much to me. And once again I feel like a teenager! lol

Anyway, here’s what he writes:


Thanks for your kind note – and for coming such a long way to see “Polish Joke”.

Regarding your questions with a CD, I just recorded “Amour” – a Broadway musical I appeared in last fall. It should be out late summer. And hopefully I’ll do my own solo CD this year.

As for “Love in the Time…”, I am unaware of it’s future, but would assume it will end up on DVD.

I hope all is well for you in Germany – I am of German descent myself – the original spelling of my last name was Getz.

All my best – Malcolm

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