…and again it took me quite some time to post an update on what’s happening in my life. Sorry about that, but I guess it just isn’t all that interesting.
Let’s start with the latest news which are also the biggest news:
Carola and I are enganged!!!
On the night before Christmas Eve I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We haven’t set a date yet, since it still is a bit complicated. In most of Germany it would be easy for us to get married, but not in Bavaria, nope. Here we would have to go to a notary. They are trying to change that now, but I am afraid that it might take some time.
I had originally planned to pop the question on December 22nd, but she was off work that day so I wouldn’t have had to time to prepare everything. It was no biggy though. I lit candles, spread rose petals on the floor and knelt down before her with “Das Beste” playing in the background. I was so nervous!! I had planned to say so much more, but in the end I just asked her, ’cause I couldn’t remember anything else….
I am so happy that she said yes. The woman that I love more than life itself. She is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me and I hope that I will never lose her, she is my life.

It’s quite upsetting for me that I can’t see her every day. Since I didn’t write anything since March, it’s also news that Carola found a job in Augsburg and moved there the beginning of September. We see each other during the weekends, but it still is difficult for me. I really hope I’ll find a job down there very soon, so we can get a new flat together. At the moment I’m only living for our weekends together. Though now it’s not even weekends anymore since Carola started working shifts.

Other than that I don’t think anything else is new. Oh yes, wait. I’m going to be “step-aunt”. My step-brother just told me yesterday. Don’t know much yet, like when the baby is due, but I am excited about it. Was about time too. Because of the baby and also because of the whole finance problems right now (Andi works in finance) they are leaving London to come back to Germany.
My brother will be in Beijing for about a year, so I guess for now I missed my chance for a weekend in London 😉

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