WordPress Upgrade

WordPress Upgrade

Just upgraded WordPress to version 2.0.3 which was a bit overdue actually. Seems like the upgrade worked without any bigger problems, if you spot any errors, please let me know.

One thought on “WordPress Upgrade

  1. Congrats! I used to be that good till 10th grade. Now I’m at high school at got an average of 2.6 which is still very good for my so-called Abitur and I’m even better than the students who have been at a “Gymnasium” (I say high school) since 5th grade. I was at a secondary modern before… why make things hard, if you can have them easier? I mean, I had some leisure time in sec.mod.-school… doing nothing and getting A’s. Now I’m at the same level as all the “Gymnasiasten”, who had to work hard to get at least a C in the “Unterstufe”… ah, I know you are German, so you understand all these words *G* But I don’t show off… I just go my way, that’s it! You are 27 or something? Why do you still get grades? Do you study anything? I want to study, too after high school.

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