Yes, I’m gonna get my hair cut today. I’m really not sure what I want it to look like yet. Just know that it is going to be a lot shorter than it is right now. My long hair is starting to annoy me, and I have split ends. Also want to get more color too. So yeah, I will edit this post with pictures as soon as I’m back home tonight. Appointment is at 3:45 and I usually take ages at the hairdresser’s. No idea why. 😛
Tomorrow is the wedding, so I also have to go clothes shopping. I saw this beautiful dress in the catalogue of my favorite store, I hope they still have it.

ETA: I added the pictures under the cut. Very happy with how the haircut turned out. And I LOVE the color! Eep! Ignore the mess behind me.

6 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Oooh! New hair! I always feel so much better after a haircut. I’m sure it will look wonderful! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. hi anna, bin gerade auf deiner homepage gelandet um zu schauen ob du die wien bilder schon reingestellt hast.leider nicht. coole neue friseur, sieht gut aus. bis dienstag.

    gruss sarah

  3. Hey there, I like your new haircut i tlooks pretty spiffy. I love how red it is. Question, I got this thing in my journal where it say si stole bandwith? I though ti was linking to the jerath and sarah fanclub or whatever since it required it.

    Meh, sorry if I was stilling banwith i wasn’t relaly aware of it. Much sorry and apologetic cause um, I wasn’t really sure what i did when I saw the hting in my journal. My eyes burned form the blinking if it makes you feel better…and i got a real bad headache.

  4. i’m not really sure how i wound up here, but i must say.. your hair looks awesome.. 😉 did you get it professionally done or a do it yourselfer type thing? nice site too btw.. 😉

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