Looooong Post

Looooong Post

So this will be an unusual entry.
I’m sitting at a small train station at the moment, writing my entry with pen and paper. I will type it up later to post it on my blog.

I think it’s time to tell you something about my “new” life.
I started my new job on Tuesday last week. To my surprise I already knew the two people starting with me. They were both at the application workshop with me. Katrin and Dominik are both very nice.
Right now we’re being trained, have to go on trains with other colleagues and stuff like that.
Yesterday was very interesting. We were able to look at one of our trains from below. They also told us about how trains work and such. As soon as it got too technical, I instantly zoomed out 😉

Today I’m spending my day in Diessen. There’s a huge and apparently famous (never heard of it before) pottery market this weekend. Lots of people! Especially on our trains. Most of the time we drive with only one compartment, but today all trains towards Augsburg drive with two compartments.
My job is to make sure that everyone gets on and off the trains safely. Not much work really, since I have nothing to do inbetween. The trains only go once an hour, in both directions at the same time. Up to now the people are really nice, hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Tomorrow I will go on the train with a colleague again, he’s quite nice, so it should be a good day.

After work I will pick up our moving van, since our big move is this weekend. After Carola gets home from work, we will drive up to our old flat and will arrive some time in the middle of the night.

Carola’s brother and brother in law will join us early saturday morning to help with everything. If everything works as planned, we will be finished packing up some time in the afternoon and ready to clean up the flat so we can hand it over to the landlord.
I think it will take around 3 hours to drive down to our new place, which means we’ll only unload matresses and go to sleep instantly.
The rest will be done on sunday.
I’m so looking forward to living in our new flat. It’s really realy nice and was only just renovated completely. I will make sure to take lots of pictures as soon as we set up everything and made the flat presentable.
The next train will come in soon, so I will maybe write some more later.

Here I am again, train just left and the station is empty. Oh the silence, so nice, you can only hear the birds singing and the radio playing. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Boo me for not bringing anything to read, but hey, that way you’ll probably get the longest entry ever from me.
Though right now I’m not sure what to write anymore…

Oh yes, I could tell you what I think about two season finales I just watched.
Beware! Spoilers ahead if you didn’t see the eps yet!
1st Grey’s Anatomy: Wow, just wow! Shonda is so cruel, I’m sure she must be a real sadist, teasing us like that.
I definitely see it coming that John Doe is George. And Izzie,… wow. Here you sit thinking that she is getting better, since she’s remembering again and then that. I don’t want either of them to die, GA won’t be the same. Please, someone tell me that they will miraculously survive!
Loved Merder’s “wedding”, it was so sweet and really suits them. A huge wedding wouldn’t have been right for them. Still hope to see them go to City Hall in the next season though, to make it officially official 😉
Poor Bailey! I really want her to start the pediatrics fellowship program. She’s perfect for that job. Seriously, I don’t understand her husband. First of all, the person setting an ultimatum always loses. Secondly, he knew about her job before, so it’s not really a surprise, that she’s at work so much.

2nd Desperate Housewives: I was so curious to see how the whole Dave story would be resolved. I’m happy that nothing happened to MJ and Susan. When Mike put the tape into the drawer I was like “Oh no! Don’t put it there, you will forget all about it!” and when Katherine took it to tape it over it was even worse.
Dave’s twisted ways of thinking always fascinated me. And to kill MJ the same way his daughter and wife died… I expected nothing less. Though I screamed in shock when Dave ran towards MJ with the gun.
So who did Mike marry in the end? I read other opinions stating it must be Susan, because Karl was at the wedding. But honestly, I don’t think the writers would make it that easy for us to figure out.
It was good to see Edie one last time. I was so sad to see her leave that way, will definitely miss her.
I’m really curious about Ana, I guess she might be next season’s mystery. I’m having a deja vu. Up to now it reminds me of the whole Kayla situation. With her showing her evilness to Gaby but being all goody two shoes with Carlos. Why do these men never realize they’re being played.
Lynette is pregnant again! I’m so happy that it’s not the cancer again. I wonder how they will handle the new situation. Lynette will have to quit her job which means Tom will have to get one and won’t be able to go back to school. I feel sorry for him, he was so anxious and happy packing his backpack and all. But who knows, it might all turn out completely different that what I’m expecting now.
Ok, almost forgot…. Bree and Karl?!? Like OMG! What would Susan have to say about that? I guess it will be ok for an affair, but definitely not a real relationship. Two people who are as power-hungry as them, nope, don’t think so.

I guess that’s all I have to say about these two shows. I really need to get caught up with Lost. I missed so many episodes already, I don’t even remember where I left of.

I never thought I would be caught up with this, but I’m really looking forward to the finale of Germany’s Next Topmodel tonight. I will be home just in time before it starts. Phew. I really really want Sara to win, that girl is so gorgeous and definitely deserves it. The other two are great too, but still, I will be crossing my fingers for her.

What else can I tell you? I really don’t know right now. I have two more hours to spend here. What will I do, what will I do? Guess I will be incredibly bored. I’ll go outside now and see how many people are there yet. It sounds very empty, but I guess it isn’t. We’ll see.

So it WAS empty when I went outside. Maybe 20-30 people. But within a few minutes the number rose up to over 100, probably 150. Now I only have one train to check left, then wait one more hour until I can go back home.
But I’ll definitely stop writing now before I bore you to death 😉

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